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T-Minus 1 Month

And then I will be an aunt! This is probably a case of appropriation, but regardless of how it make me appear I'll share it anyway – I am SO excited. My feelings are hard to put into words which is why I am struggling with this a little bit.

This was something that really hit home when we had the baby shower.

While I have only ever been to one shower, that being the one for my sister, it was the best one I will ever attend. Mainly because it gave me the chance to express myself without the need for words. I could simply help prepare and choose things that I knew she would appreciate and at the same time she would know that they came from me. It is a sister thing I guess.

Everything that I would help with I did help with. From helping get the guest list together and sending out the invitations to managing the RSVPs. Oh, and I got to "help" pick out the invites as well. Actually they pretty much left it up me.

And that was a lot of fun.

There are a lot of different options which is one of the reason that got the job. It was clear that they were overwhelmed with the choice in invitations and quickly threw up their hands.

I mean it isn't like I am pregnant myself but regardless there is this sort of excitement that is making me antsy. Anticipation would be one way to describe it but then there is more to it. The biggest factor that is making me nervous is that I want to be there for my big sis but it is difficult since we don't really live that close by. We speak more frequently now that when we were in the same house. It is strange how distance can improve some relationships.

One month and counting before baby is here

To make a short story long, in one month from now I will be an aunt. And I am excited and terrified at the same time. That is the most direct I am be. Becoming a mother would probably totally freak me out, but my sister is handling the pregnancy amazingly well, especially considering that it doesn't seem like it was all that easy. Though I think that people that claim their pregnancy was easy are just down playing or forgetting all of the pain and changes it produces in our bodies.

What Is Pregnancy?

Can you really tell somebody what it is like to wait for a child to be born? I don't think that I even completely comprehend the whole process. The changes that one's body goes through during pregnancy are incredible and a little bit overwhelming. At least to me. But my sister has held up well through out the last eight months and has what I can assume would be a relatively easy pregnancy so far without any complications on the foreseeable horizon.

It would be both sort of embarrassing for her to go through them. And I will save you for the details as well because there is a chance some of you may blush as well. Needless to say it was an eye opener for me as well, because as much as I wish some of it would have been left out I got a pretty detailed account of the whole experience.

My Solution

My solution has been simple. Listen. Maybe I won't be pregnant anytime soon but I figure what I learn now will be able to help in the long run. Any information is better than no information and even if it doesn't help in the foreseeable future it might: a) help somebody I know b) be a base to build my experience on.

Right now I am just practicing being the best aunt that I can be for when my niece/nephew is born.

Becoming An Aunt

When I think of everything that has changed in the last five years in my life I am a little overwhelmed. Five years ago my sister was still living at home and didn't even have a boyfriend. Now? Now she is going to be a mother.

The idea of becoming an aunt it thrilling. And it has given me a chance to do some amazing things.

Open Letter To Family

See the Forest through the trees

I am writing this because my sister won't.

Some of you have been getting vocal about what you believe to be "good parenting" in what you perceive as bad parenting on my sister's part. To be fair to her and her husband you would have to acknowledge that they live very far away from most of you.

So some of the things that I need to get off my chest and place out there in the open for everyone to get an idea of what my sis and SO are going through with new baby, and the trial of first time parents are:

  • When you come to visit:
    • You absolutely have to:
      • Changing baby. Sure it is cute, and a "once" in a lifetime chance for you. But baby isn't a doll. Besides that, will you want to change him when he is a toddler? My guess is no. So accept a no when my sister or her SO tells you politely no.
      • Feed baby. Ditto to the last point. It might be cute but baby has needs that somebody who hasn't done it before can't fulfill. They are not acting out of spite like some of you have tossed about.
      • They work full time, and yet they will make an effort to let you see baby. They just won't cook for you or go out to eat. If that works then you are welcome to visit. And if it is past eight in the evening forget it. That is bedtime for the whole family.

I know that you thought that the list would be harsh, and for some of you it might be, but these are reasonable expectations for you to respect. When you can't do that it isn't their problem.

Raising a baby is hard work, it is rewarding, and the more they get the hang of it I am sure parenting will get easier but right now they have their hands full and they would appreciate your understanding.

Animated Movie Marathon

Getting in shape for the marathon

I recently went on a big Disney nostalgia kick mostly because of the remake of Aladdin and just started watching the animated features in no specific order though I though about going through them in production order.

Wish me luck!

Happy 2019

Happy 2019

Happy New Year whoever you are random Internet stranger! Wherever you are may the year ahead be happy, healthy and prosperous! And in the event that you don't stop by next year I wish you all the best for all of your years to come!

Babies First Christmas

As you might be aware of - because I have written about it recently ;) - my sister and BiL have just had their first child. We - my parent and I - just got back from visiting them and it was for lack of a better word great! It was so much fun visiting and seeing our family grow. And grow together since part of his family also came to visit.

His sister, who is a couple of years older than I am and just finished college was there. And really we get along better than I do with my bio-sister - it's strange.

But I guess that is how it is when you have siblings. Sometimes that distance is more comfortable somehow.

If you have siblings you will know what I mean. At least if you are old enough to live apart that is, and taking life as an adult in comparison to homelife as a kid you actually do a lot less living together than you do apart. Thankfully.

My sister was good as siblings went, but there was still, and you know I wouldn't call it rivalry, more tension. We got on one another's nerves a lot. And it caused some stressful situations. As much for us as for our parents I am sure.

Especially during the holiday seasons when you have time off of school and it is generally too cold to go out and do things and you just get a sort of cabin fever. And I think another factor that comes into play when you grow up would have to be patiences. Children will get agitated really easily and when you have an annoying little sister (that would be me) you can only take so much until you throw her out of your room.

Now I look forward to the holidays and the time I have with her and her growing family. I can even hold myself back and wait until morning to open gifts. It is incredible what time will do for you.

Of Stranger Things To Come

I have a strong suspicion that Duffers are secretly aware of how many seasons there are left. And it does not mean that they necesserly know how much thay want to write, but how much they have to because of Netflix executives.

I got my seat

I recently was reading a David Harbour interview that was between Season 1 and 2 and in one of the responses he told that there was no news about season 2. Later he responded to a question on what would he like Hopper to become in season 2, he said that he would like to see him as a surrogate father for Eleven.


Plus, in one of the interviews Duffers mentioned that they were green lit for season 2, almost right after the premier of Season 1. Moreover, Millie also accidentally revealed on one of the ComiCon panels with Harbour that she had difficulty remembering the lines, since they jumped on season 2 filming, right after the Season 1. I believe it was from the same person who had previously spoken about the Duffers and NetFlix having different ideas for how long many seasons should go. Obviously we can't take that as anything official yet, but the rumor is out there.

From this I think that you can deduce that Duffers knows how many seasons left. While viewers are left in a state of limbo, all for the sake of marketing and hype. I think Netflix ia going to push and prevail and we are going to have Season 5. Moreover, I dont see how Duffers can continue writing if they don't know the overarching story and it's finally.

Recently David Harbour said that he and Duffers were discussing overall storyline, even back at season 1, and he suspects that he knows how it ends. So overall, it is pretty clear that the show will soon be over.

The writers probably have a rough outline of where they want the series to go up until the end.

Most shows do.

However that doesn't mean they know exactly what's going to happen in-between then. They've got to fill in the gaps and they might not know exactly how many episodes they need right away. There's no way to know unless they formally announce it.

And things may not be set in stone, especially considering they still write scripts for the back half of the season while filming. Plans change and they might realize they have less or more story than they anticipated.

So it only makes sense to go for as long as you can produce quality (Or money).

Disney's Aladdin Remake Has a Trailer

Is it weird to anyone else that they used the exact same voice line from the original movie in this trailer?

I see it as a remake. They are replacing those beloved characters. I have gotten flack for this view. I have endured rants that I need to stop looking at it as "replacing" the actors and "remaking" the film.

They liken it to when everyone was so upset Heath Ledger was cast to "replace" Jack's Joker. I hated the whole Dark Night thing, but Ledger didn't replace Jack because Jack didn't make it "his" character, Ledger did though.

And that's the same thing William's did with Genie. The character was Williams, just with a different backstory.

Any new portrayal of Genie will either try to recreate William's version and pale in comparison, or create a different archetype and pull the character away from what made it a classic in the first place.

Overall I like remakes, I loved the new Jungle Book. Most likely because I wasn't that invested in the original.


Some stories translate well and need a modern update. Ocean's 11 was really enjoyable whereas the sequels were not. And to be honest I still enjoy Lohan's The Parent Trap when I catch it on TV.

But whether a remake is basically telling the exact same story with updated details or just keeping the basic idea of the story and building it into something new and fresh by telling a new story there needs to be a reason for the changes to be believable.

With Disney on a remakes kick I don't see any reason beyond money. Again money. And maybe more money. And more money. They told timeless masterpieces and it is hard to compete against that.

In total Disney has already or will remake 22 of its classic animations into live action films including:

  • The Lion King
  • Aladdin
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Mulan
  • Pete's Dragon
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Sword in the Stone
  • Pinocchio
  • 101 Dalmations
  • Snow White
  • Mary Poppins
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • The Jungle Book
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Cinderella
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Dumbo

Among that list I can't think of a single one (that's been released) that stands above the original save for The Jungle Book.

Maybe that's me, maybe the new live action versions will be the classics for the kids of today. But the way I see it the Disney that made those classic animations is not the same Disney that recycling some of its old IP to make money.