Babies First Christmas

As you might be aware of - because I have written about it recently ;) - my sister and BiL have just had their first child. We - my parent and I - just got back from visiting them and it was for lack of a better word great! It was so much fun visiting and seeing our family grow. And grow together since part of his family also came to visit.

His sister, who is a couple of years older than I am and just finished college was there. And really we get along better than I do with my bio-sister - it's strange.

But I guess that is how it is when you have siblings. Sometimes that distance is more comfortable somehow.

If you have siblings you will know what I mean. At least if you are old enough to live apart that is, and taking life as an adult in comparison to homelife as a kid you actually do a lot less living together than you do apart. Thankfully.

My sister was good as siblings went, but there was still, and you know I wouldn't call it rivalry, more tension. We got on one another's nerves a lot. And it caused some stressful situations. As much for us as for our parents I am sure.

Especially during the holiday seasons when you have time off of school and it is generally too cold to go out and do things and you just get a sort of cabin fever. And I think another factor that comes into play when you grow up would have to be patiences. Children will get agitated really easily and when you have an annoying little sister (that would be me) you can only take so much until you throw her out of your room.

Now I look forward to the holidays and the time I have with her and her growing family. I can even hold myself back and wait until morning to open gifts. It is incredible what time will do for you.