Beauty and the Beast: Not a Review

Stockholm syndrome is often batted around for being the theme for "Beauty and the Beast" but I disagree. While the definition for Stockholm syndrome can applied it has some facets that do not overlap with the Disney fairytale:

the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor [1]

This would fit if the story only focused on the captivity aspect of the "relationship" though it goes further. Beast does release her so she can care for her ill father. This takes it out of the scope of pure Stockholm syndrome that tag that many like to place on the film.

That choice on the Beasts part is critical for me, and because of it it reminds me more of an abusive relationship than Stockholm.

Throughout the film we get a sense of bad moral being projected from the Beast. Yet the underlying message is that if you just love him enough he will change. He will go from a Beast to a Prince! This is not how an abusive relationship works. And that is the most disturbing part about it as a whole.

This is much more destructive than the Stockholm syndrome comparison since many women either find themselves currently in an abusive relationship or will find themselves in one at some point.

When you start having these views when watching an animated movie that is the moment you realized you're getting old.