Cars Never Got Me Revved Up

So I just wanted to use the word Revved. It is just so nice and symmetric. But I have been on a Disney kick lately, and "Cars" came to mind.

Revved Cars

I could have also went with "Planes" but that is sort of a spin-off in the Cars universe.


Which brings up so many questions that I think the film makers would rather live without. For example: Through "Planes" is that we learn that WWII happened in the Cars universe. Which means they introduced all of the atrocities of the Second World War. Did they think this far ahead when they were making it? I hope they did.

But to be honest the Cars universe brings up so many questions a sensible adult should be asking.

Here are some of the thoughts I have had when I first watched the movie.

We don't see animals other than the agricultural equipment and those creepy car-flies.

Cars also seem to eat, which means they must replace food in the ecosystem even though plants seem to be ordinary.

Are all cars and car-animals manufactured, or did they evolve from a bio-mechanical ancestor? Is their a Car God?

Are there car marine animals?

Fossils of extinct cars?

Dinoco clearly indicates that dinosaurs existed in the Cars world. Which means that they are making a really hard attempt to recreate everything in our world. Which means that they might be using fossil fuel, which would be sort of weird.

What determines if a certain vehicle is an animal or a "car?"

Do cars "eat" car animals by using them for spare parts? Would that be the primary source of metal and parts for cars, or is metal ore just a significantly more valuable resource?

Are there car slaughterhouses, and car hunters with real tree paint jobs and deer racks? Are red neck "cars" the fitting makes and models?

What were vehicles from historical periods before cars and planes were invented like? Since they are a pretty new invention and wheels are pretty old. Were car animals like tractors also older models back in the day?

You really should not watch kids movies and expect them to make sense.