Aladdin 2 Had Potential

Aladdin 2 was initially going to have a theatrical release, this would have made it one of the few sequels during that Disney era that had a such a release but they decided it was going to be too costly and take too long. And they didn't have Robin Williams on it. It was thrown together from what was going to be the beginning of the TV show.

The TV show was actually pretty good, and I thought the third movie was pretty strong. But the second film had weak and forgettable characters, shabby animation, predictable to just what-the-hell plot, and I really honestly felt like it was a waste of my time. But they killed the show.

In the third one Aladdin finds out his dad is the king of thieves, and the statue that turns everything to gold.

I honestly might like it better than the first movie when I first watched it. But that was a really long time ago.