Making of a Marathon

Whenever I do marathons, I like to have a theme to connect the films in some way. Sorry if you thought that I was actually talking about marathons. Me? That is most certainly a nope. Anyway, I have a list going of different ideas, and they range from simple to complex(ish), but I'm always interested to see what others can come up with. Which is why I decided to layout some of the past marathons that I have gone. Some that I have thought about, and some that I would never want to sit through.

Marathon Woman

Some examples include:

The Galaxy Marathon:

  1. Galaxy Quest
  2. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy

The Cornetto Trilogy: (Simon Pegg)

  1. Shaun of the Dead
  2. Hot Fuzz
  3. The World's End

This could also be used as an example of a marathon for films written, directed and starring the same person. Robert Zemeckis is another good example of this category because you "Back to the Future" and a whole bunch of Tom Hanks movies to choose from.

Some other ideas include:

  • Movies featuring an actor's breakout role: Pretty Woman, etc.
  • Sports movies based on true stories (Boyfriend's suggestion, I am not a big sport film fan)
  • Nolan films (Boyfriend's suggestion. Again I don't like Nolan)
  • Coen brothers films
  • All of the Vacation movies
  • The Planet of the Apes original continuity. After the first one you may be tempted to skip the second entry because it is definitely the worst in the series, but I don't think that means you should skip it. The plot is relevant in the later films besides just the third one.

I think with streaming services like NF and H you really have more options now when it comes to watching these types of marathons. I remember when I was a teen we would come of with these sorts of ideas and we would try to rent them from BB but you often didn't find everything that you were looking for.