NetFlix and Well -- Yeah -- Chill

There are so many great alternatives to cable now. Netflix and Hulu are awesome. My parents are still stuck with the cable subscription. But I can say that I never had one. I picked up NetFlix when I was still at home and now with NetFlix, Hulu and some YouTube keeping me busy I am never left wanting.


When I am home the amount of commercials on cable can nearly drive me insane. There has never been a time I have been “Oh boy! Good thing I saw that commercial!” And for those that argue my preferred viewing options also have commercials, true. The commercials on YT can get a little annoying I don't have that problem with NetFlix or Hulu. I only watch via streaming with a chrome cast, and have not seen commercials.

On Hulu I pay the extra for no commercials.

But there is the added value of having their own content. I feel like the content keeps getting increasingly better and has come out at a faster rate.

I see an increasing amount of value on the consumer side. Netflix is now more well known for their original programming, shows like Stranger Things, Chef’s Table, Daredevil, Ozark, than they are for streaming other content.

Though it can be hit or miss with some of their content it is important to keep a wide base of users. Something that doesn't interest me was likely not made for me but others will like it because it was made with them in mind.

In order to keep their subscriber base and continue growing, they need to keep producing said original programming. Their content has become exponentially more expensive for them to produce.

The uptick is, they’re a service that is seen as an alternative to cable, and also a recession safeguard.

If the economy begins to slide, it’s more likely that people will turn to Netflix as a cost saving measure than cut Netflix out of their budget. Shows are still shows, no matter what platform they're on. At the end of the day it is like any other content provider, just treat it like what it is and watch what appeals to you.