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Of Stranger Things To Come

I have a strong suspicion that Duffers are secretly aware of how many seasons there are left. And it does not mean that they necesserly know how much thay want to write, but how much they have to because of Netflix executives.

I got my seat

I recently was reading a David Harbour interview that was between Season 1 and 2 and in one of the responses he told that there was no news about season 2. Later he responded to a question on what would he like Hopper to become in season 2, he said that he would like to see him as a surrogate father for Eleven.


Plus, in one of the interviews Duffers mentioned that they were green lit for season 2, almost right after the premier of Season 1. Moreover, Millie also accidentally revealed on one of the ComiCon panels with Harbour that she had difficulty remembering the lines, since they jumped on season 2 filming, right after the Season 1. I believe it was from the same person who had previously spoken about the Duffers and NetFlix having different ideas for how long many seasons should go. Obviously we can't take that as anything official yet, but the rumor is out there.

From this I think that you can deduce that Duffers knows how many seasons left. While viewers are left in a state of limbo, all for the sake of marketing and hype. I think Netflix ia going to push and prevail and we are going to have Season 5. Moreover, I dont see how Duffers can continue writing if they don't know the overarching story and it's finally.

Recently David Harbour said that he and Duffers were discussing overall storyline, even back at season 1, and he suspects that he knows how it ends. So overall, it is pretty clear that the show will soon be over.

The writers probably have a rough outline of where they want the series to go up until the end.

Most shows do.

However that doesn't mean they know exactly what's going to happen in-between then. They've got to fill in the gaps and they might not know exactly how many episodes they need right away. There's no way to know unless they formally announce it.

And things may not be set in stone, especially considering they still write scripts for the back half of the season while filming. Plans change and they might realize they have less or more story than they anticipated.

So it only makes sense to go for as long as you can produce quality (Or money).

Disney's Aladdin Remake Has a Trailer

Is it weird to anyone else that they used the exact same voice line from the original movie in this trailer?

I see it as a remake. They are replacing those beloved characters. I have gotten flack for this view. I have endured rants that I need to stop looking at it as "replacing" the actors and "remaking" the film.

They liken it to when everyone was so upset Heath Ledger was cast to "replace" Jack's Joker. I hated the whole Dark Night thing, but Ledger didn't replace Jack because Jack didn't make it "his" character, Ledger did though.

And that's the same thing William's did with Genie. The character was Williams, just with a different backstory.

Any new portrayal of Genie will either try to recreate William's version and pale in comparison, or create a different archetype and pull the character away from what made it a classic in the first place.

Overall I like remakes, I loved the new Jungle Book. Most likely because I wasn't that invested in the original.


Some stories translate well and need a modern update. Ocean's 11 was really enjoyable whereas the sequels were not. And to be honest I still enjoy Lohan's The Parent Trap when I catch it on TV.

But whether a remake is basically telling the exact same story with updated details or just keeping the basic idea of the story and building it into something new and fresh by telling a new story there needs to be a reason for the changes to be believable.

With Disney on a remakes kick I don't see any reason beyond money. Again money. And maybe more money. And more money. They told timeless masterpieces and it is hard to compete against that.

In total Disney has already or will remake 22 of its classic animations into live action films including:

  • The Lion King
  • Aladdin
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Mulan
  • Pete's Dragon
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Sword in the Stone
  • Pinocchio
  • 101 Dalmations
  • Snow White
  • Mary Poppins
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • The Jungle Book
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Cinderella
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Dumbo

Among that list I can't think of a single one (that's been released) that stands above the original save for The Jungle Book.

Maybe that's me, maybe the new live action versions will be the classics for the kids of today. But the way I see it the Disney that made those classic animations is not the same Disney that recycling some of its old IP to make money.

Nintendos and Nintendon'ts

I'm just realizing the amount of games that Nintendo has for 2019. With games like Bayonetta 3 being show off with releases like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Luigi’s Mansion, Yoshi and maybe Mario Party 4 would be like, the greatest E3 ever!

So Nintendo:

  • Do give me everything and I mean everything that I am wishing for fr Christmas (please)
  • Don't tease me and drag Bayonetta infront of me like a carrot (without some teasers at least)

In an interview with Helena Taylor she said that it only took 4 days for her to record the entirety of Bayonetta 1 and they are already at this stage in dev for 3.

Guillermo del Toro Directing ‘Pinocchio’ for Netflix: My Thoughts

What will happen when you give a roundly weird director a roundly weird story?

Del Toro has received the green light from Netflix to film “Pinocchio,” a stop motion musical version of the classic children’s tale about a puppet who wants to be a real live boy. He will write and produce the film in addition to directing it.

Del Toro will collaborate with the Jim Henson Company, the company behind “The Dark Crystal” and ShadowMachine, the creator of “Bojack Horseman.”

Guy Davis will serve as co-production designer and the film’s puppets will be built by Mackinnon and Saunders, the team behind “Corpse Bride.”

These are my thoughts on Guillermo del Toro directing "Pinocchio" for Netflix.

The original novel of Pinocchio is pretty messed up. We love Jiminy in Disney's Pinocchio, yet in the original Jiminy Cricket is smashed to death in a fit of rage. The Pleasure Island part is much more disturbing. The original original version ends with Pinocchio being robbed by bandits who hang him from a tree, which takes longer than normal to kill him because he's a puppet.

Most children's stories are cautionary tales, for obvious reasons. And most were horrific. And like them, It was a cautionary tale.

Pinocchio was also much more than naughty in the original - and his mischief is portrayed less as "lovable scamp" and more as "bad child". So that's his comeuppance.

It wasn't until the extended version – when the story was picked up by a publisher – that this was changed because they wanted more content. I the extended version by being a puppet made him immune to hanging and the bandits got bored of waiting for him to die and left. It wasn't until the Disney version that his hijinks are portrayed as harmless fun rather than moral failing. I would say Disney’s take on the character is that he’s certainly selfish and impulsive, though this is born from his naïveté and blind curiosity, in the original Italian he is a nasty brat. And he learns from his mistakes in the Disney Version which made it more timeless.

So I would say that they picked the right directory. The source material is pretty ripe for the Del Toro treatment.

Wildfire Causes Are Varied

Man made is one thing that can mean more than one thing. If you've been to California recently.

Forest fires

I was sort of there recently, if last year counts, which with their weather it sort of does. California has had extreme weather — either drought or floods — since 2012. This is part of a long term trend due to global warming.

Just look at the terrain, it's very dry and wildfire fuel is in abundance.

Fuel means fire, and when you have a situation like they do in CA a fire can breakout anywhere at anytime. And they can travel a lot further faster with a distributed fuel source. Then take into account a drastic lack of rain – it is humidity and not rain that kills fires – the hot and dry conditions, and it being a state of over 30 million people.

You have a fire hazard.

Most of the California wildfires seem to be human-caused - not making a global warming statement here though you can see it that was as well. But while that is the source that causes them, it doesn't mean that they are all deliberate. Actually that is rarer than you may think. For example chains dragging across the dry ground can ignite grass and other dry vegetation. This is not usually a deliberately done. But more commonly campfires and shooting with the wrong ammo are to blame. Another cause is deliberate, arson.

CA wildfires

CA wildfires

Now, I read that Camp Fire was started by a power line that fell. Even if it happened on the same day. It's almost certainly a coincidence.

Current reports suggest that electrical equipment failures caused both of the fires. The equipment belonged to different companies:

PG&E in the North
SCE in the South

PG&E has been found to have been the cause of some of the high-profile fires in the last ten years. They're pretty notorious for spending the bare minimum on maintain their equipment and not replacing faulty lines until they fail and cause a problem.

Santa Ana Winds

Another issue they're facing right now are the Santa Ana Winds which can blow over 40 mph. Wind, low humidity, hot weather, and fuel are a perfect maelstrom for a massive fire.

Right now it's the beginning of the off season for Western fire, so a lot of the agencies who send over crews in the summer have them tied up elsewhere.

CA wildfires

Trump and CA Wildfires

Forest fires in CA

Its not just about "acknowledging climate change" but about understanding the processes which helped make this fire and others so devastating.

Trump does not want to admit that the threat of climate change is real. Lack of rain, high winds, and other factors which contributed to the fire are also affected by climate change.

Instead he says that we can prevent forest fires if we only raked more:

“I was with the president of Finland and he said, ‘We have a much different—we're a forest nation.’ He called it a forest nation, and they spent a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things,” Trump said, making a moving motion with his hand. “And they don't have any problem.” - It's True

Forest fires

So how exactly is he going to help prevent future catastrophic wildfires if he refuses to acknowledge what the actual problem is? Understanding how these things work will enlighten us to how to best respond.

Here is the sad part. This is a community which when you look at the map most likely helped vote Trump into office.

Its sad irony.

After it was declared a state of emergency, which is a request for federal funding, Trump bashed everyone first, especially California, and did not open up the federal funding needed to assist the firefighters who needed help. In the early stages of the fire this would have turned the course of events tremendously.

Once it became obvious many lives were going to be lost and it was turning out to be an especially horrible disaster, he then opened up federal funding way after most of the damage was done.

Paradise was destroyed 8 hours after the fire started. He could have saved lives and instead took the opportunity to blame and denigrate. His tweets came long after that. Unless he has a time machine how the hell is he going to save those lives from being lost?

Given the realities of climate change these types of fires are going to be the new normal. We need to adapt to them.